Sunday, 8 August 2010

when i was likkle:)

hi everyone!
i know that i haven't done a blog post in a while *slaps wrist* I'm so sorry i have been super duper busy with YouTube and also trying to have a fun filled holiday, Hope you guys are too! I thought i would do something a Lil bit different on here because even though beauty is something i love to talk about its not all i think about:) i wanted to share a few things that i loved when i was little.
 me on the left:) my sister on the right! x

1st of all has got to be the sooty show! if you don't know who sooty is basically he was a puppet who appeared on children's TV channels with all his puppet mates, they messed around and were very mischievous, i loved the show my whole childhood, i even have the puppets myself! i am never getting rid of them:) there is a new sooty and sweep show but no where near as good as the original, wannabees! he he.  
omgosh! i could never forget BN biscuits! i always had these for my snack at primary school, it was my highlight of the day to get my BN's out, they are 2 biscuits filled with a chocolate spread. yummy!! but the smile did kinda freak me out when i first had them. lol, can you still buy them?? “BN BN do dooo do do do, BN BN do doo doo do”.

then there's Sunny-d! the most yummiest drink ever, it took me a long time to persuade my family to buy this when we went shopping, they always thought it would make me hyper, just like coke! lol. i haven't seen this around for a while! come back.

hey Arnold! oh gosh, the big headed Blondie guy who made me want to come home from school as soon as school ended, i loved watching this show the intro really interested me every time that long road/alley showed up i got well excited. again i haven't seen this for years:(

 next is the spice girls, i didn't know the words to any of their songs if you asked me to sing one when i was younger i wouldn't be able to but it didn't stop me loving them, i think it was the huge hype about them that nailed it for me. they where so glam and popular.

keeping on the subject of bands, i also loved S Club 7, their song ''reach'' was my all time favourite song ever! then when S club 8 appeared i adored them as well, i wished i was one of them lol.

MR blobby, he was my idol haha.

a huge love has gotta be furby, i had a orange one:)

and there's art attack!

& teletubies!
my granddad knows the lady who created the teletubies, i was soo excited when i was younger!

&that's all I'm going to say for now, i will just go on and on if i don't cut myself off now.
thanks for reading/following!!



  1. They have actually brought out a new sunny d, without all the additives and flavourings, and stuff, doubt its the same though ;) xxxx

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  3. My mum still byes sunnyd, it doesn't taste the same as it did back in the day though:(


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