Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Easy hair removal: JML Satin pure.

My best friend Sammy brought her JML Satin pure with her on holiday, she recommended them to me & her legs always look hair free and smooth. Plus she told me the price £4.99... I instantly wanted one! so i popped into my local boots to pick a box up... 

the box contains a large pad; used to smooth away on legs, under arms & arms. Plus x4 large replacement pads. 
small pad; for face & bikini line. 
also with x4 small replacement pads.
Great deal!
The set comes with a travel pouch perfect for smoothness on the go. 

the pads attach to a PINK! rubber disc, making it super easy to buff over the skin. 

the video above is an advertisement from JML.
It shows you how the pad works... 

This is what JML say about Satin pure... 

This product has really impressed me! it does what it says & doesn't irritate if you use it gently. 

Monday, 11 July 2011

Fashion Inspiration!

I have big love for reveal! i was skimming through the fashion pages & these caught my eye. So as always, i thought i would post! 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Book Blabber; Katie Price (You Only Live Once)

Hi all!, Just recently I have been reading biography's which are my favourite books to read, i find them really interesting, and i seem to always get hooked on them. Now, i must admit I'm not Katie Price's number one fan but... Reading this book has explained a lot of things, and to some extent i feel sorry for the mum. I feel like no body listened to her story throughout the break up of her marriage with Peter Andre. She gets a lot of criticism for being a party girl, we only live once (ironically the title of her book) so why not? being in the lime light 24/7 must be tough, I think celebs deserve to have a good time... Maybe not the Amy Whinehouse way though. 
I absolutely love Peter Andre, he comes across as an amazing Dad with a lot of passion for his music, it's so refreshing.
Back to the book... 
Katie Price talks about her life before, throughout and after the break up. The main hook of this book in my view is the part where Katie visited L.A and had surgery which became a severe problem after she had the work done. I felt really sorry for her... 
All i can say is... people need to lay off the pricey, give her a break; she's a great mum and a wonderful business women.

James Brown; Photo Fabulous Moisturising Shampoo.

This month i have been testing a new shampoo. I saw this baby on the shelf in Boots about a month ago and figured i needed to try it. number 1, because the packaging looked ace and number 2, because i have dry hair and need a bit of moisture TLC. Photo Fabulous Moisturising shampoo by James Brown is a Shampoo with a hint of glitter, but don't worry it wont make you look like you have glittery hair. Also the Shampoo has an amazing scent, i still can't put my finger on what it smells like, it's very uplifting & almost fresh. 
You may of heard of James Brown before, maybe in Great British Hairdresser? anyway, back to the Shampoo. It suprised me, and has made a difference to my hair... It feels incredible. 

Click here to buy.
obviously i'm going to give this a little more time & will update you. i have been using this for about three weeks and am very impressed... lets see how it gets on!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

My holiday essentials.

Yesterday i came back from my travels. I went to Wales, i know some would say that it's not adventourous but i really enjoyed myself, I think that was due to the fact that i had my best friend Sammy with me. Yes, it did rain (some days) but it's the UK so what do you expect?. But i did go to a different country, bye England hello Wales!. I went on a boat (again), meaning no straighteners, blow dryer or electronics. To be honest, i didn't find it that hard. 
As i'm now back i thought it would be good to show you all my holiday essentials. These products are obviously my essentials for a wet climate, they would be much different for a hot climate. 
But first, i thought i'd pop in a picture of me and Sammy...

now for the actual point of this blog post. What my (welsh) holiday essentials are...
(from left to right)
1. Avon, sun + after sun (yes, i burn very easily). Ohh & of course i would take a high SPF sun block.
2. eyelash curlers (a huge must!). 
3. FCUK body wash. 
4. Carmex 
5.Nivea pure invisible deodorant.
6. Batise dry shampoo 
7. Bourjois healthy mix foundation. 
8. VO5 gloss me smooth conditioner (amazing!).
9. Maxfactor facefinity compact powder foundation.
10. James Brown photo fabulous moisturising shampoo.
11. collection 2000 big fake lash mascara. 
12. Dove go fresh deodorant. 

i'll leave you with a smile:) 

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Holiday time!

It's time for my annual holiday to wales, lets just hope it doesn't tip it down with rain. which is very very likely as we're in the UNITED KINGDOM!...  here's 10 things i love about going on holiday :) 
what do you love about going on holiday?

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hello my lovely!  so i had prom, wooo! so i thought i would do a blog post!