Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Palmers Cocoa Butter: Utter Obsession?

 Hi guys, hope your all having a fab day what ever your doing. I seem to be sat in my front room with my dog Chester having a lazy day listening to a Lil bit of music:) Here's a review for you!! I have been using Palmer's Cocoa butter for a long while and thought finally it was time to talk about my love for this product.

I'm sure that many of you have heard of Palmer's cocoa butter before, if you haven't i will tell you a little about it. Where do i start? The smell? the Smooth texture?
IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE! yes, really. It just gorgeous! i seem to like the smell of chocolate better than the taste, a little weird some would say.
I think the texture is incredible too, its so smooth and not too thick or thin its just the right consistency, and very easy to apply. I usually squirt a blob of the product into the palm of my hand and rub it in my hand to coat both of them and then apply it to my skin, i use this everywhere! face, arms, legs, hands.. i have very sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate it at all so a massive plus right there.
something that i absolutely love about this product is that it melts at skin temperature so it doesn't leave a sticky and sometimes greasy residue, it completely absorbs into the skin leaving it silky soft. I use this everyday before i apply my foundation too, its great for that as it completely disappears! well with in reason, i mean if you apply half the bottle to your face it wont disappear, try and use it sparingly.
There is more uses for this too! yes, really! i use this as a tanning butter too, this prevents that horrible streaking after a spray tan or a self tan, i have been using dove summer glow and that does go streaky, a lot of people who review dove summer glow gradual tanner say that it's none streaky, But i have different opinions on that (But i will talk about this in a separate review). Anyway after i use the tanner i will apply Palmer's and its great! Prevents the streaks and can make it last a little longer. Every time i go to apply another application of the tanner i use the Cocoa butter first and it works out much better.
Animal cruelty free too!! how much better can it get?? any opinions on Palmer's Cocoa butter?? leave it as a comment.


  1. Do you think that it actually smoothes marks and tones skin too like it says on the front? If so I would definitely be interested in getting it, as I haven't found anything that can do that yet! Im mainly looking to fade stretch marks on my upper legs. Nice review, it sounds like it smells so good!

  2. Hey,

    Just came across your blog. If you have a chance, please check out my blog. I am currently having a contest for 6 m.a.c products. It ends on Wednesday :)


  3. Love Palmers Cocoa Butter so much! Such a great moisturiser and so reasonably priced! Great review! Millie xxx



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