Saturday, 9 July 2011

My holiday essentials.

Yesterday i came back from my travels. I went to Wales, i know some would say that it's not adventourous but i really enjoyed myself, I think that was due to the fact that i had my best friend Sammy with me. Yes, it did rain (some days) but it's the UK so what do you expect?. But i did go to a different country, bye England hello Wales!. I went on a boat (again), meaning no straighteners, blow dryer or electronics. To be honest, i didn't find it that hard. 
As i'm now back i thought it would be good to show you all my holiday essentials. These products are obviously my essentials for a wet climate, they would be much different for a hot climate. 
But first, i thought i'd pop in a picture of me and Sammy...

now for the actual point of this blog post. What my (welsh) holiday essentials are...
(from left to right)
1. Avon, sun + after sun (yes, i burn very easily). Ohh & of course i would take a high SPF sun block.
2. eyelash curlers (a huge must!). 
3. FCUK body wash. 
4. Carmex 
5.Nivea pure invisible deodorant.
6. Batise dry shampoo 
7. Bourjois healthy mix foundation. 
8. VO5 gloss me smooth conditioner (amazing!).
9. Maxfactor facefinity compact powder foundation.
10. James Brown photo fabulous moisturising shampoo.
11. collection 2000 big fake lash mascara. 
12. Dove go fresh deodorant. 

i'll leave you with a smile:) 

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