Sunday, 10 July 2011

Book Blabber; Katie Price (You Only Live Once)

Hi all!, Just recently I have been reading biography's which are my favourite books to read, i find them really interesting, and i seem to always get hooked on them. Now, i must admit I'm not Katie Price's number one fan but... Reading this book has explained a lot of things, and to some extent i feel sorry for the mum. I feel like no body listened to her story throughout the break up of her marriage with Peter Andre. She gets a lot of criticism for being a party girl, we only live once (ironically the title of her book) so why not? being in the lime light 24/7 must be tough, I think celebs deserve to have a good time... Maybe not the Amy Whinehouse way though. 
I absolutely love Peter Andre, he comes across as an amazing Dad with a lot of passion for his music, it's so refreshing.
Back to the book... 
Katie Price talks about her life before, throughout and after the break up. The main hook of this book in my view is the part where Katie visited L.A and had surgery which became a severe problem after she had the work done. I felt really sorry for her... 
All i can say is... people need to lay off the pricey, give her a break; she's a great mum and a wonderful business women.

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